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Surveying Basics

These texts are quotations from various websites (the URL is given on top of each page).
Students of land surveying at our college work with these texts during their course.

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Author Subject
Topographic Surveys, Inc. What is Land Surveying?
Bob Morris The Definition of Surveying 
Glossary of Surveying Terms
Surveying Units and Terms
USIGS Definitions and Descriptions
Concise Definitions And Descriptions of Surveying Terms
Flatiron Surveying, Inc. Basic Theories of Surveying
University College Worchester Introduction to Basic Instrumental Land Survey
Shaun Lewis Beginner's Guide to Surveying
California Employment Department The Job of a Surveyor
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors  Surveying Technician Or Technical Surveyor
David P. Stern Trigonometry--What it is good for?
Nasa The Theorem of Pythagoras
Length and Area
Distance Measurement
Positioning on Plane
Taping Procedures
Walt Dunlap Locating Objects By Relative Measurement Or Baseline
William E. Doolittle Tying-into a Baseline
Plane Surveying
Errors in Surveying
Field Data Collection: Field Notes
Right Angle Prisms
The Rectangular Survey System in the USA
Jon Maynard Boundaries And the HM Land Registry
Mary M. Root Surveyor General George Everest
Ed Sullivan The Englishman Who Went up a Hill but Came down a Mountain

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